Since the middle of the last century, before people started to talk about “slow food” and “production at km 0”, the family business has always believed in its own territory, in the values of its people, in traditions and in simple and genuine foods. In Frignano lands we have always looked for the breeders, from whom we could buy the pigs. We have always known – and we still know – everything of our hams: who breeds pigs, how they are bred, what they eat. We’ve always had everything under control, then we have found out that our way of working is called “controlled chain”!

The raw hams of Fattoria Cà Dante are high-quality hams. All types (Castagnolo, Valli del Cimone, Modena PDO) are subject to severe controls which starts from the pigs breeding. Breeders must adhere to a strict disciplinary code on animal origin, animal welfare, quality and controls; this is the only way to become breeders selected by Fattoria Cà Dante. We like to think of our suppliers as “partners” of a high quality project.


Province, breeder’s code adhering to the Protected Production Consortium and pig’s month of birth

Breeding Internal Code Fattoria Cà Dante which identifies its selected suppliers

EEC healthcare mark of the slaughterhouse

Seal identifying the slaughterhouse

heat-affixed mark attributed to the cutting of the protected production slaughterhouse

Identification mark for the Modena PDO production

Mark of the Modena PDO Consortium at the 12th month of production

Mark of the Valli del Cimone Production