In 1968 the knight Fernando Pelloni opened in Ponte Leo, a small town in Fanano, together with his son Antonio and his wife Petronilla Lusignoli, the cured meat factory Salumificio Pelloni & C. S.n.c. Where there first was an old spinning factory, he built the first slaughterhouse of the Cimone area, with the aim to offer a service to the  dairy farms of the mountains that raised pigs with milk whey and to offer high quality meat to the butchers of all around the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine.

During that time nine pigs were usually slaughtered each week and some hams were seasoned in the family tavern’s cellar. Ever since, pretty much has changed: the business has increased and son Antonio, who used to send the thighs up to the Parma valley had a precise idea: “I want to show everybody that the best hams are also produced right here, in Fanano”. So, with his sons Stefano and Margherita and his wife Giuliana, he built in the small town Cà Dante di Trentino (in  Fanano) a ham factory with shop: a vanguard production site equipped with heat recovery technologies, that guarantee a constant air exchange, a high level of wholesomeness and quality of the product.


I grew up here, surrounded by Modena Apennines, at the feet of Monte Cimone.

Winters here have a biting clean wind, here the art of local masons has become the flagship of the city of Fanano, and it is now worldwide known; here local families knew me because “I was Antonio’s son… the son of the man who wanted to show everybody that the best hams are also produced right here, in Fanano. “

Families, precisely my point. And all the knowledge and the tricks of the trade that they pass down.

Exactly like my family did. Since 1968, my family has been processing pork meat in the attempt to reach my father’s goal.

My father taught me to see everything that can still be improved in what we do and, most importantly, he taught me to work hard to reach it.

I chose to work among these mountains and their healthy air. Here livestock are certified and slaughterhouses guarantee their costumers a traceable production chain; at the slaughterhouse, we are the first to choose the very best hint legs and everything that comes next in the production chain is carried out with great technical knowledge and expertise, following a long tradition.

Today Fattoria Cà Dante is a synonym for long craftsman tradition combined with state of the art production site.

Our site is equipped with advanced heat recovery technologies that allow a constant air exchange and a high healthiness and quality of the product.

As the story of my working career unfolded over the years, I wished to create something special.

I was told that “only who knows traditions can be innovative”, and so I came up with my Castagnolo ham, which contains the intense scent of our mountains, the flavor of our Autumns…  But this is another story inside my own story, it is what makes us unique on the market.

Philosophy in the preparation of real mountain tigelle: "how they used to be" made