Luigi and Stefano are the founders of Eat Emilia. Friends since childhood, they met again after 20 years to give birth to this project, with the aim to give value to the products of their land of origin: the Emilian Apennines.


Thanks to Stefano’s experience, who received as a gift from his father Antonio the ham factory Fattoria Cà Dante in Fanano, it has been possible to provide the best ham directly from the producer to the consumer. Stefano also wanted to engage our artisan friends of the Emilia area (from which Eat Emilia obtains supplies to offer the best hams and cheeses in the area) and give them voice by focusing on the quality of their excellent products, which are often difficult to be found on the market.


Luigi, on the other hand, learnt the most from the familial experience in Fanano’s food shop – which he inherited from his father Albano – to re-devote himself to the promotion of Frignano’s original products, including the real mountain tigella inspired to the original recipe by mom Roberta.


Together they decided to put into effect this idea with the ambition to export to all Italian regions and abroad the real mountain tigella and the other original products of Emilian gastronomy, mainly with PDO and PGI certifications, trying to let the consumer understand the difference between any ham and a 24 months Modena ham with PDO produced by Fattoria Cà Dante.


Love for raw materials and accurate choice of every ingredient: this is our philosophy in preparing the true mountain, “how they used to be” made tigelle. Territory and tradition represent Eat Emilia’s heart. We carefully select our products from the best Emilian craftsmen. “Le focaccine”, as they are called in Fanano, are produced in small family laboratories in accordance with the oldest mountain traditions. Wise hands prepare this delicacy using milled ground flour only, spring water, yeast, extra-virgin olive oil, milk and salt. With Eat Emilia’s Food Truck we want to bring all over Italy and even abroad the most representative products of the five gastronomic provinces par excellence of the region Emilia Romagna.